What's Astro*Color and its purpose!

Astro*Color is the technique to justify the strength (quantitative) and distinguish the bad or good (qualitative) means of Planetary Pictures.

By combining two factors, such as Midpoint, Difference and Summs, topic is focused. Minor bad or good meaning is formed too. By adding the third factor, clear meaning is almost finished. General formulae of Midpoint to the third factor can be written as follows.

A/B = C or A+B = C+C or A+B-C = C

The fundamental Planetary Pictures started with Aries point (AR) that is one member of the Earth axes. Equation like AR = A/B is the viewpoint to measure the effect of A and B to the world in general. Good or bad effect can be distinguished from the total meaning of A/B or A-B or A+B.

Expandedly A/B = C or A+B-C can be distinguished to be good or bad in the same way but should be cautious to notice the two-ways interpretation of A/B <-> C (and A/B <-> C/D in more complex form). A/B and A+B-C can be viewed as equal as the new factor/planets. These points created to give the new meaning that is more specific and useful for predicting the future of the known context.

A+B-C can be extended for resulting to the fourth factor as A+B-C = D. A+B can be extended too as A+B = C+D. A-B can be extended with easier calculation as A-B = C-D. It's all the same in general but differs in philosophical view and practical timing the event.

By summary, we have the fraction factors such as A, A/B (includes A-B and A+B), A+B-C. Astro*Color classified the strength and mixed meanings to help the astrologer with the easier view by presenting them in forms of Symbol, Shape or Font's Color (for example, Red, Green, Yellow with meaning the same way to the Traffic light, Black as neutral) and Properties (for example, Bold, Italic, Underlined) that makes eye-catching immediately.


This Astro*Color technique can be developed to a lot more advantage. For example, Astro*Color*Graph uses the base Astro*Color idea to present in the form of superposed Horoscope Chart.